Download Windows Xp Vienna Edition Activated | 644MB

Windows XP SP3 Viena Edition 2009 Activated | 644MB

Windows XP SP3 with Viena Style and support Laptop and SATA. Does not demand activation. Can do updates in online from official site MS. Its A combination of Xp-Vista Final Edition with 25 Themes and Windows 7 Edition (Visual Effects).

Windows Vienna will be the next version of Windows and sucessor of Vista like in the next 4 years but th so much time yet to wait so that is difficult compare something already released vs something that is stilll don't even in Beta. Maybe it's in alpha version so a lot of things can change in that time could even happen Windows Vienna be cancelled and M$ start from scratch another version of version of Windows to replace Vista like happened with Neptune and M$ when for Whistler (XP code name)

Don't use old Service Packs like 1 or 2, ever again
XP just released Vienna Edition 2009
One Disk meets all your System Requirements:
o You clearly need a Boot Disk
o Particularly if your Hard Disk Crashed
o You can Repair Windows issues
o Now you have a Windows XP PRO disk available
o Upgrade older machines
o Be the Go To Guru in your circle of friends!

* Micro Soft Designed this Windows platform for:
o Reliability
o Security
o Privacy
o High performance
o Ease of use

* Factory Themes & Integration
o Fabulous 2009 Vienna look
o Customize your graphics
o Great Themes
o Complete Windows Integration

* Full Install for a complete system
* Hot Fixes all up to date
* Fully WGA Activated, no need to call it in
* No 30 day hassle
* Valid CD-Key per Microsoft

Windows XP operating system provides multiple benefits for:
* Business installations
* & Home users
o A clean look
o Simple desktop
o Rock-solid reliability
o Easy-to-use features

* Join the digital age, harness the value of Windows XP
* Service Pack 3 features enhancements in:
o Real-time voice
o Video
o Data communications

* XP PRO allows the PC to become a center of communications
* Provides creative social interaction beyond just e-mail and instant messaging
* Windows XP allows the user to connect back to the desktop from any location
* Support for new wireless networks is already built in
* XP PRO is a essential necessity for running:
o Microsoft SQL Server
o Internet Information Server, IIS
o Microsoft Databases
o and for Broadcasting your own web Pages


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