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Microsoft Toolkit Alpha 1 R7 - Official KMS Solution for Windows and Office 2010

This is an test for the next planned step for Office 2010 Toolkit. It is my plan to eventually phase out Office 2010 Toolkit for a new application, that is currently under development. App is stable as it is still well tested code in almost all cases, but I'm looking for new ideas, suggestions, and testing of new functions.

-Almost all EZ-Activator settings apply only to office.
-Readme is currently inconsistent but generally applies to windows the same as office.
-I plan to add more Windows stuff but would like some ideas and want to get this out early in the development stage. A bETA of mine is usually just bug testing and last minute feature additions.
-Currently using OTK changelog/Readme.

-I would like to add OEM abilities of some sort, so as to bring back the License tab when under windows. Perhaps with permission EZ-Activator could trigger a Windows Loader installation for OS that cannot use KMS activation but either have a bIOS with SLIC or just run the loader (Have to ask Daz about this).
-Possibly create a Windows AutoRearm equivalent, rather unlikely as if a PE boot is required then it would just be another IR5, the other known way is PMR method.

Click The Readme button in Office 2010 Toolkit program, and Copy button to copy the tabbed section contents.

AIO AIO microsoft Genuine Tools

Microsoft Office Activaton Tool's
* Advanced Tokens Manager v2.1
* Keygen Microsoft Office 2007
* Activator v1.2 Office 2010 Raz0r
* Retail to VL Microsoft Office 2010
* Mini-KMS Activator v1.2 Office 2010 VL ENG
* Microsoft Toolkit Alpha 1 R7

Serial for OS & Office
* Microsoft Office Serial
* Serial Windows XP
* Windows Server 2003 VLK

Windows 7 Activaton Tool's
* Windows 7 RemoveWAT 2.2.5
* WinAIO Maker Professional v1.1
* Windows Loader v2.0.5
* Windows Loader v2.0.9
* Microsoft Toolkit Alpha 1 R7

Windows XP Activaton Tool's
* Windows Test Validation (for test your windows Genuine or not)
* Windows XP KeyGen
* Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder
* Windows Genuine Advantage FiX
* Windows Genuine Advantage v1.9.9.1
* Anti Product Activation Crack 2.1.7
* NGC Genuine! Maker

Anti Product Activation Crack 2.1.7

Tested with winlogon.exe build:
Windows XP  2600.5512 (SP3 RCx)
Windows XP  2600.3264 (SP3 RC1)
Windows XP  2600.2180 (SP2 RTM)
Windows XP  2600.1106 (SP1)
Windows XP  2600.0    (Retail)
Windows 2K3 3790.0    (Retail)
Windows 2K3 3790.1218 (8.7.2004)
Windows Longhorn 4008 or 4015(not tested by myself)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Office 2010 for Office Support
Windows NT 6 era operating system (Vista or later) for Windows Support

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  1. waduh,baru tahu saya kalo windows memiliki peralatan untuk OS ,bagus juga hehe.


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